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Macro-SI™ is a high quality soluble silicon product enhanced with Macro-Sorb amino acids.  A proprietary formulation delivers readily available silicon in an easy-to-use liquid formulation.  Macro-Sorb amino acids improve silicon uptake and utilization within plant tissue.


This double-action plant protection phosphite fertilizer is formulated to increase resistance to biotic stresses caused by pathogens and abiotic stress caused by adverse climatic conditions.  Packaged with proven Macro-Sorb amino acids, this product is superior to other phosphite fertilizers on the market.


Macro-RELIEF™ increases stress tolerance of turfgrass caused by high salinity levels in the soil and/or irrigation.  Macro-RELIEF™ works by providing plant available calcium along with Macro-Sorb L-amino acids to regulate osmotic potential within the plant, resulting in increased cell hydration.

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