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Apply 1 – 2 oz. per 1000 sq. ft. every 14 – 28 days throughout the growing season.


Macro-SI™ can be taken up by plant roots and shoots; however, greater efficacy is achieved following soil applications.  

Package Sizes:

6X1 liter (1.58 US gallons) case

12X1 liter (3.16 US gallons) case


Advanced Silicon

Macro-SI™ pairs high-quality soluble silicon with Macro-Sorb’s advanced amino acid technology to promote rapid nutrient uptake and utilization.  The proprietary formulation in Macro-SI™ delivers readily available silicon activated with a complex of specific amino acids.  These Macro-Sorb amino acids boost silicon absorption into plant tissue and jump start natural defense mechanisms within the plant.

Product at a Glance: 

  • Superior soluble silicon enhanced with Macro-Sorb amino acids

  • Increases biotic and abiotic stress tolerance caused to plants

  • Improves turf quality

  • Enhances turf aesthetics and playability

  • Specific amino acids improve performance of silicon within the plant

Increases in Leaf Silicon Content

Si Chart.png

Macro-SI was applied to creeping bentgrass as a spray application at the given rate and then watered-in with 0.25 inch of irrigation. Tissue samples were collected and analyzed five days after application for silicon content. Macro-SI increased tissue silicon content by 29 and 44 percent following 1.0 and 4.0 fl oz. per 1000 ft2, respectively.

Silicon Deposits in Leaf Tissue After Macro-SI Application

Si Scale.tif
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SI logo.png


X-ray microanalysis of leaf surfaces treated with Macro-SI.  Red color indicates the highest Si deposition and black represents absence of its deposition.  Leaves were washed to remove any surface Si. Plants treated with Macro-SI had significantly more silicone incorporated into their plant tissues.  Notice how silica is deposited in the intercellular space (right image), creating a physical barrier to protect against pathogen attacks and add structural strength leading to improved wear tolerance for turfgrass.

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