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Macro-Sorb Foliar can improve your seedhead suppression applications

Field research shows the use of Macro-Sorb Foliar in conjunction with seedhead suppression applications can increase control by up to 50% compared to stand alone applications of Proxy/Primo and Anuew.

Seedhead Control Program:

Add 2 oz. of Macro-Sorb Foliar per 1,000 sq. ft. to each seedhead suppression application 



Annual Bluegrass Seedhead Suppression
Dr. Jeffery Borger, Penn State, 2016
  • Treatments were applied initially on March 26, with a sequential application on April 12th (2 weeks)

  • Proxy® (5 oz/1000 ft2), Primo MAXX® (5 floz/A), Anuew™ (0.17 oz/1000 ft2), Macro-Sorb® Foliar (2.0 oz/1000 ft2)

  • Maximum seedhead pressure was observed on May 12th, 47 days after the initial application

  • Macro-Sorb® Foliar improved the performance of Proxy®/Primo MAXX® by 50% for seedhead suppression

  • Macro-Sorb® Foliar improved the performance of Proxy®/Anuew™ by 51% for seedhead suppression

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