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Promote turfgrass plant health with Macro-Sorb Foliar

Macro-Sorb Foliar delivers high-concentration free amino acids in a formulation specifically designed to promote plant health benefits 

Plant Health Program:

Apply 1-2 oz. Macro-Sorb Foliar per 1000 sq. ft. every 7-14 days throughout the growing season.


During periods of prolonged or severe stress, apply 2 oz. per 1000 sq. ft. weekly

Foliar Alone Summer Patch.png

Plots treated with Macro-Sorb Foliar showed significantly less summer patch than the untreated control.  Macro-Sorb Foliar provides plant health benefits that allow the turf to better defend itself from disease

The Effect of Macro-Sorb® Foliar Alone on Dollar Spot

Dr. Dernoeden, Dr. Krouse and Dr. Kaminski, University of Maryland

Dollar Spot.png

Macro-Sorb® Foliar (2.0 fl oz/1000 ft2 ) was applied every 2 weeks from May 8th to July 2nd, for a total of 5 applications. Disease severity was relatively low from May to July, but became extremely severe thereafter. Visual evaluations for Dollar Spot (%) were taken every 7 days for the duration of the study . Plots treated with Macro-Sorb® Foliar consistently had fewer dollar spot lesions, and during peak dollar spot outbreak (42 days after final application), Macro-Sorb® Foliar treated plots showed a 36% reduction in dollar spot compared to the untreated control.

Chlorophyll Concentration of Creeping Bentgrass

Dr. R. E. Schmidt, Virginia Tech

Macro-Sorb amino acid products increase the chlorophyll concentration versus the untreated control in Penncross Creeping Bentgrass

Photosynthetic Capacity of Creeping Bentgrass

Dr. R.E. Schmidt, Virginia Tech

Macro-Sorb amino acid products increase the photosynthetic capacity of Penncross Creeping Bentgrass, especially during extreme temperatures

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