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Apply 1–2 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. every 7–14 days 

During prolonged periods of stress, apply 2 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. weekly. 

Package Sizes:

4 x 5 liter (5.28 US gallons) case

120 liter (31.7 US gallons) drum

220 liter (58.1 US gallons) drum


True foliar performance.

You count on foliar applications to deliver critical components of your turfgrass management program exactly where and when they are needed. And as input costs continue to rise, managing the efficiency and effectiveness of your spray program is becoming increasingly important. 

Macro-Sorb Foliar’s dual action performance delivers critical plant health benefits while enhancing the uptake of tank mixed products. Macro-Sorb Foliar delivers high concentration amino acids derived from pharmaceutical grade enzymatic hydrolysis in a formulation specifically designed to promote foliar uptake.

Product at a Glance: 

  • A true foliar - specifically formulated for rapid absorption and translocation of nutrients through the leaves into the plant

  • High free amino acid content enhances foliar absorption and translocation within the plant.  Learn more about amino acid content

  • Unique formulation delivers high concentrations of free L-amino acids directly to the foliage for fast uptake.  Learn more about L-amino acids.

  • Enhances photosynthetic capacity and increases a plant’s tolerance to stress.  Learn more about plant stress.

  • Pharmaceutical grade manufacturing process guarantees consistent ratios of L-amino acids. Learn more about the manufacturing process.

  • Improves the efficiency of nutrients and other products by enhancing their foliar absorption and translocation

  • Use especially in stressed areas and during adverse environmental conditions such as heat, drought, frost, cold or chemical injury

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