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Our Products

A full range of solutions for professional turfgrass management

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Macro-Sorb logo stacked (simplified).jpg

Formulated with high concentrations of free amino acids to increase a plant’s tolerance to abiotic stresses while improving photosynthetic capacity and nutrient use efficiency

Root zone treatment designed to enhance root mass production for greater stress tolerance and increased nutrient uptake

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Macro-Sorb’s advanced amino acids combined with 5.7% calcium delivers readily available calcium that is easily absorbed by leaves and roots


A sprayable potassium supplement enhanced with amino acids to support critical plant functions while offering a near-neutral pH for easy tank mixing


A balanced micronutrient package combined with Macro-Sorb’s proven amino acid technology offers rapid absorption to prevent nutrient deficiencies 


A complete foliar fertilizer enhanced with Macro-Sorb’s amino acids to efficiently deliver essential nutrients to turf and other plants

Macro-SI™ is a high quality soluble silicon product enhanced with Macro-Sorb amino acids.  This proprietary formulation delivers readily available silicon in an easy-to-use liquid.

This double-action plant protection phosphite fertilizer is formulated to increase resistance to biotic stresses caused by pathogens and abiotic stress caused by adverse climatic conditions.  

Macro-RELIEF™ increases stress tolerance of turfgrass caused by high salinity levels in the soil and/or irrigation.  

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