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Quelant Minors GA.png


Apply 1-1.5 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. every 14-28 days

Package Sizes:

4 x 5 liter (5.28 US gallons) case

120 liter (31.7 US gallons) drum


Minor nutrients. Major performance.

Plants require low concentrations of micronutrients for adequate growth and health. In many cases, soil tests reveal adequate levels of these nutrients, but they are not often readily available for plant uptake.

Quelant-Minors is formulated to deliver a balanced complement of secondary nutrients and micronutrients directly to the plant foliage where it can be readily absorbed and moved to its consumption points. These nutrients are combined with Macro-Sorb’s amino acid technology to promote rapid correction and maintenance of nutrient levels. The combination of balanced nutrients delivered with our unique amino acid formulation works as an efficient system to avoid multiple nutrient deficiency stresses, which may cause physiological disorders in plants. Comprehensive formulation in Quelant-Minors helps avoid creating additional deficiencies caused by correcting single elements (i.e., correction of an iron deficiency may induce a magnesium or zinc deficiency).

Product at a Glance: 

  • Balanced secondary nutrients and micronutrients combined with Macro-Sorb’s L-amino acid technology.  Learn more about Quelant technology.

  • Formulated for true foliar performance and rapid nutrient absorption

  • Corrects and prevents micronutrient deficiencies in turfgrass and other plants

  • Pharmaceutical grade manufacturing process guarantees consistent ratios of L-amino acids.  Learn more about the manufacturing process.

  • Helps produce greener, healthier and stronger turf

  • Low proportion of nitrogen will not stimulate unwanted growth

Increase in photosynthetic pigments with Quelant-Minors

Minors Chart.png

In this trial, the content of photosynthetic pigments (chlorophyll and carotene) in leaves of  Poa pratensis  (Kentucky bluegrass) was measured and compared to an industry standard product and to an untreated control (values referenced in mg/L of acetone extract, according to  Amon-Mckinney  method). Quelant-Minors increased the contents of the 3 photosynthetic pigments and was also superior to the standard used.

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