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Macro-Sorb’s advanced amino acids combined with 5.7% calcium delivers readily available calcium that is easily absorbed by leaves and roots

  • Prevents and controls calcium deficiency to maintain leaf turgidity and quality

  • Tank mix compatible with commonly used agrochemical products 

  • Fortified with boron to maximize calcium utilization by the plant


A sprayable potassium supplement enhanced with amino acids to support critical plant functions while offering a near-neutral pH for easy tank mixing

  • Near-neutral 7.2% pH level

  • Immediate foliar absorption helps maintain proper potassium levels especially on sand-based greens

  • Compatible with Quelant-Ca and other products containing calcium and magnesium

  • Maintains solubility even when applied with hard water 


A balanced micronutrient package combined with Macro-Sorb’s proven amino acid technology offers rapid absorption to prevent nutrient deficiencies 

  • Formulated for true foliar performance and rapid nutrient absorption

  • Corrects and prevents micronutrient deficiencies in turfgrass and other plants

  • Low proportion of nitrogen will not stimulate unwanted growth

  • N (2.0%), Mg (0.5%), S (2.0%), B (0.02%), Fe (3.0%), Mn (1.0%), Mo (0.007%), Zn (1.0%)


A complete foliar fertilizer enhanced with Macro-Sorb’s amino acids to efficiently deliver essential nutrients to turf and other plants

  • Provides readily available N, P, K, and biologically active L-amino acids

  • The unique properties of Macro-Sorb’s L-amino acids enhance the foliar absorption of essential nutrients

  • Perfect foundation product for your fertility spray program

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